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"Life is the art of encounter"

Vinicius de Moraes

Facing the challenge

In these remarkable times, we are challenged to move beyond what divides us from each-other, from our best work and from the futures we imagine are possible. At Creative Leadership, we equip leaders to survive and thrive in this time of fundamental change. We work with themes of:

  • Complexity and challenge - what's involved in grasping and facing our individual and collective reality?

  • Imagination and exploration - what are ways to imagine, cultivate & explore the ways of leading and working that our age demands?

  • Purposeful actions - what authentic and wise actions will allow positive change to emerge in our systems?

21st century leadership
21st century leadership

We get alongside leaders to help them:

  • CONNECT with the things that really matter - so they can fully face their challenges and lead with courage

  • EXPLORE – new possibilities for leading, learning and encounter - so they can respond better to their context

  • EXPRESS – new forms of purposeful action – so they can be agents of positive change with expanded impact


We do this through coaching, workshops, business transformation and our collaborative experiments.

"The places we’ve looked for leadership and modeling have become some of the most broken in our midst. And so it is up to us, where we live, to start having the conversations we want to be hearing and creating the realities we want to inhabit.”

Krista Tippett

"Life is the art of encounter"

Vinicius de Moraes

“What if we approach life as an adventure – not only in a grand sense, but also in an intimate, detailed sense – allowing meaning to emerge from detail, and allowing that to influence our thoughts and actions in new ways, no matter how small.”

Adam Cooper

Life affirming change

We work with leaders who want life-affirming development in themselves and in their settings. Our services and resources are for anyone asking:

  • How can I nurture creativity in myself and those around me?

  • How can we shift our organisational culture to allow us to re-invent services and influence across boundaries?

  • How can I connect more strongly with my purpose?

  • What are some ways we might engage with staff, stakeholders and customers to foster learning and collaboration?

  • How can we have more impact working in complexity and across difference?

  • What capacities are needed for us to lead in ways that are more aligned with the natural world?