Linn Araboglos

Manager Partnerships

Ministry of Youth Developent

"We wanted to bring a diverse group of newly appointed Board members together for the first time to establish a new Partnerships Board.


We engaged Creative Leadership to work with us to shape the agenda for the day and facilitate the first Board meeting. After our first scoping meeting I was confident that we’d made the right choice. What had felt like an overwhelming list of objectives for a first Board meeting quickly became focused, clear and achievable right from that first discussion.


On the day, Adam’s ability to synthesise and focus us on what mattered most was really valuable. It set the scene for the Board and really accelerated the work we have been able to achieve. I highly recommend Creative Leadership if you're looking to bring leaders together to get things done."

Keith Taylor

Manager, Tax Policy

Inland Revenue

"I engaged Penny from Creative Leadership to help me shape and lead my major change to how small to medium businesses pay tax - one of the most substantial changes in taxation in New Zealand since the introduction of GST.

I chose to work with Penny as she brings a fairly unique range of skills to bear; primarily bringing relationships and a people focus into a highly technical area.  Penny made a hugely successful contribution to this work. She was able to use her highly advanced relationship skills to:

  •          Bring together a wide range of system participants together – people with different histories, commercial goals, visions of the future – and get them behind a common vision.

  •          Dynamically create processes out of the unfolding work, including governance and coordination groups, all with a very inclusive style.

Our initiative is now seen as a leading example of collaboration across the public service, with Penny's work being presented to CEO’s as an exemplar of co-design. I highly recommend Penny and the work of Creative Leadership for leading innovation and change in complex environments."  

Heather Haines

Associate Director

The Johnson Group

"We recently had Adam come and lead a workshop for our team at The Johnson Group.


Adam exceeded all expectations of what he delivered within a 2.5 hour session. His style is inclusive, empathetic and intuitive. He listened to our initial brief and created a workshop that everyone has benefited from.


I can thoroughly recommend working with Adam".

Rachel Voller

General Manager

Land Information NZ

"I’d seen Adam work with other teams before so I knew he’d be caring, challenging and inspirational to work with. 


My leadership team needed to get beyond the daily grind and internal personality conflicts.  Adam has helped us see what we couldn’t see.  We’re now so much more aware of the value in us working together, and where the opportunities are. 


Adam has taken a measured, thoughtful and agile approach – adjusting as necessary each session to meet our needs.  We’re so much more comfortable with challenging each other, having courageous conversations, and as a result we’re able to work together positively to lead and engage our wider team".