We are focused on helping leaders succeed

We grow leadership capacity to meet 21st century challenges.

We start by asking what you want to learn about leadership. Your learning questions and your leadership challenges drive our tailored offerings. 

We think about leadership and learning a bit differently from many others. We believe the complex challenges faced by businesses today demand fresh approaches, so we strive to do groundbreaking and creative work wherever we can.

We look for leverage, using our experience and networks across the commercial, government and not-for-profit sectors to shape leadership coaching and learning programs for our customers.

We say yes to discovery, to co-creating solutions for learning and leadership growth based on your questions, your strengths and your context. The creativity of your people is your biggest asset, we want to foster this in ways that create business value.

We say no to positioning ourselves as ‘experts’ who have all the answers. We have experience and expertise, but we haven’t ‘arrived’ – we want to keep learning and growing as we create shared value. 

Our people bring experience, passion and imagination
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Penny Cooper

As a qualified lawyer and accountant, my consulting background in a leading professional services firm has honed my ability to deliver results. 

An interest in social issues, and a preference for a more relational way of working led me to work across sectors where I am able to adapt and apply my skills as a specialist in collaborative change.

My experience centers on:

  • Bringing policy into reality in a collaborative way – involving multiple stakeholder and community groups

  • Working alongside executives on strategy, planning and accountability processes

  • Coaching and developing people - especially through times of transition and change

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Adam Cooper

I specialise in uncovering human potential and building leadership capacity. My time in senior roles in the Private and Public Sectors means that I get what it takes to create the conditions for authentic leadership and change in these settings.

My experience centers on using innovative and effective models of facilitation, coaching and change management, especially to leverage the power of the arts, diversity and creativity. I am co-founder of Ruku Ao, a ground-breaking collaborative initiative that involves Government Agencies, the Arts and Community and finalist in the NZ Innovation Awards in 2016.

I hold a Masters in Entrepreneurship from Otago University, and am a certified professional coach and public engagement practitioner. 


My most enjoyable work with clients is when I can shape learning experiences for leaders that broaden their thinking and perspectives.