Lift performance with facilitated leadership workshops

Re-setting a leadership team? Looking to lift the engagement and performance of your group or organisation? We design and facilitate conversations that move you forward.


We've worked with leaders at all levels - from Chief Executives, to students. From boards & senior teams through to community groups wanting to drive grass-roots change.   


No team is the same, however, many challenges are common, and over time we've shaped a set of approaches that can easily be tailored to your unique setting. Browse below - what might best suit your situation?

Leading change
Collaborative practice

Leaders are constantly looking to change their environments - we work with them to do this more consciously and deliberately. Too often we see change led in a narrow way, with an over-use of re-structuring to solve underlying issues of culture and leadership. The focus of these facilitated sessions is to explore leading models of change and equip leaders to more deliberately select and combine approaches from a broad range of tools and models that suit their context. 

Entering a new phase? We  work with boards and senior teams in ways that allow them to:

  • Understand their drivers and translate this into performance

  • Get clearer on their context, where they're heading & why

  • Explore how they'll get there and what the challenges will be along the way

  • Shape and role-model the leadership culture they want to see

We haven't yet met a leader who didn't want their team to work better together. But throwing theory at people can only take you so far. In these sessions, we work live and in the moment. We use experiential and active methods to:

  • Grow self-responsibility

  • Grow self-awareness and curiosity

  • Develop the ability to work more effectively with others

Recent assignments

"We recently had Adam come and lead a workshop for our team. Adam exceeded all expectations of what he delivered within a 2.5 hour session. His style is inclusive, empathetic and intuitive. He listened to our initial brief and created a workshop that everyone has benefited from. I can thoroughly recommend working with Adam".

Company Director

To give you a sense of the areas we work in, here are examples of the work we have done in the last few months:

  • A series of Executive Team Coaching sessions for a growing technology company that wanted to get themselves more aligned, focused and clear

  • A facilitated session to establish a new board of senior leaders to oversee partnerships across sectors 

  • A series of facilitated workshops for a CFO and their leadership team

  • A series of facilitated workshops for a leadership team tasked with leading change in a fast-paced, highly technical domain

  • Workshops to bring senior leaders from technology agencies into a co-design process with a large government agency 

  • Workshops with students to deepen their learning and collaboration

  • Workshops with leaders from the social, corporate and government sectors to develop a community of practice

  • A team day for a private sector company that wanted to deepen their collaborative leadership