Collaborative Experiments - towards a regenerative economy

Our work is enriched by collaborative, experimental projects with partners. These projects are driven by the following questions:


  • Diversity & citizenship - how can we work better across difference and with diversity to cultivate creative citizenship and effect positive change?

  • Indigeneity & encounter - what can we do to strengthen and deepen our humanity through how we encounter concepts of indigeneity and identity?

  • Creativity & the arts - how can we use the transformative power of creativity and the arts to enliven our organisations and communities?

  • Active methods - What new models of collaborative practice can we create by blending active methods of facilitation and storytelling?

  • Reflective practice - How might we apply the principles of strong reflective practice in new social settings?

  • Social and place-based innovation - What can we learn about community and social innovation through the way we work? What's involved in creating community led responses that are firmly grounded in place and local context?

Current experiments and partnerships:

Ruku Ao

A ground-breaking collaborative leadership initiative and finalist in the 2016 NZ Innovation Awards

Ruku Po
Active methods lab

A testing-ground for new applications of active facilitation and learning methods to support leadership & community

Creative Citizenship Project