Business Transformation

There are times of intense change when organisations need 'all hands on deck'. We’ve got a strong track record of getting alongside organisations during these times. Our work in business transformation centres around the co-design and leadership of change projects. This includes:


Strategic Engagement - helping organisations grow meaningful and innovative collaboration with third parties, including developing new lines of business. We have worked with some of New Zealand's most well known organisations to lead strategic change. 

Change – at the heart of most leadership work is a desire to design, plan and manage some kind of change. Sometimes our clients just want some fresh thinking around leading change, sometimes its help with a big, hairy policy challenge (particularly in the information management & digital arenas) and sometimes it’s preparing for a changing workforce.  

In these assignments we blend arts-based methods, holistic frameworks, design thinking and creative practices to help our clients succeed. 

We've worked with every kind of leader, from CEO's of government departments to community leaders in the regions. Our ideal client is a leader who values openness and wants to grow their potential and the potential of those around them. We especially love to work with people who believe that work should be collaborative, creative and engaging. 

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